I’ll cut straight to the chase here.  I want to know your thoughts. I’m looking for some volunteers who would be happy to answer some questions and help me write a short(ish) article / blog post about their good experiences at sessions.



I’ve come to the realisation that over the last few weeks there are many many of you out there who enjoy surfing sites, of Mistresses and clearly judging by the hits it would be really nice if I was to offer you, the surfers, the ones that read the website, look at pictures and are maybe wondering just what exactly a session is like…..possibly for the first time from the positive experiences of other before you ?

Maybe it’s something you are really desperate to try and get into but have a nagging doubt or gremlin fear in your head about…….well something less positive than the really wonderful buzz and feel good factor that subs, slaves, masos and bottoms leave with after each session.


Are you reading this and thinking…..hmmmmmm actually that’s me ?

OK…..good….read on 🙂


So, over the next few weeks, possibly in time for Christmas I was going to conduct a very short but fun interview, online….. with those of you who took the plunge, who are already serving a mistress, are sub to a mistress and are experienced in just how those early doubts and fears can be overcome and dispelled for those who are wanting to start their BDSM Journey.



Obviously, you will have had experience in visiting a mistress for a CBT, caning or breath-play session that’s essential but for now if you would like to take part and be an anonymous (if you wish) contributor then I’d really love to hear from you.

You can mail me here


Once I’ve collated all the answers and information I’ll publish a blog article with our findings –  Then I’ll share it in the blog, maybe add a few nice images and you can feel proud that you’ll have helped and probably guided others to liberate their fears of just what it’s like and how it makes you feel to be punished, CBT’d, caned, flogged or just servile and sub to a Mistress.


Mistress Silk x


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