CPD of a Mistress

Continuous Professional Development (CPD as it is referred to in the commercial/professional industry) is very important and a lot of fun. Being a Mistress can actually be quite lonely – it is far more fun to share torture ideas and to watch and learn from some of the greatest Mistresses in Europe!

I go across to Belgium several times a year, to play, to socialise and to learn.  The parties generally involve play with some serious pain sluts, a great way for a sensual sadist to practise.  In a room full of different nationalities but all with the same passion, communication can be interesting with a mixture of sign language, broken English and a smattering of school girl French (in my case) we all get by – there is quite often no need for spoken language at all as a look can tell you everything you need.


I love the psychology behind BDSM,  for those administering the pain many will enjoy giving pleasure and testing boundaries for both the Sadist and the Masochist.  Many of those receiving enjoy the look on their Mistress’ face and doing anything that will give her pleasure even if they do not really like the pain itself as such.  Which category do you fall into – or is your experience entirely different?

As she raised her arm for the first strike, he glanced backwards acknowledging his punishment.  As the severity of the implements increased, so did his pain threshold until it was her who decided that she had finished with him.  His backside raw, he walked away taller – proudly showing his ‘stripes’ to the onlooking crowd.

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