Choosing a Mistress

A photograph can say everything, from a casual glance of her eye to the clothes she is wearing or the implement she holds in her hand.
Do you know what first drew your attention? Is it one thing or many?
Does this change with experience?

For some, they may move from Mistress to Mistress seeking that ultimate pleasure or fantasy – but as in the Vanilla World, some people are just never happy.
They may never truly find what they are looking for because it doesn’t exist; except in their head.


For others, something captivates them from the first moment, they are hooked and whatever pleases Mistress will also please the subservient.  Their deepest fantasies become real as it changes and adapts in their mind.



The Mistress is able to move her slave forward, pushing boundaries and experiences as she desires…..she is always in control……always in charge and will hold you with an erotic animal magnetism you simply can’t resist.


Feedback and communication are important from both sides of the Sadist/masochist relationship as this helps to build trust and a basis for future sessions.


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