A Hard Caning – Are you next?

Put your cock away (or take it out if you must) and join me for 41 seconds as I test my two new canes purchased yesterday at “Fetters of Warwick

Fetters of Warwick is one of the few places, shops or BDSM stores that I dearly love to visit and can lose all track of time in.

Not far from my home it’s easy to access and get to with straightforward parking and an iron stairway that leads up and into an array of delight, sin, debauchery, pain, pleasure, leather, latex, steel, electrics and pure torture. I’m greeted at each visit with a smile and given tea and biscuits whether I’m there accompanying a slave or making a personal visit for my own indulgence.


The showroom oozes quality and the smell of leather scented with the slightest hint of badness is something you are aware of the entire visit.  Yesterday I was there on an accompanied visit with a client, a lovely gentleman who was requiring some seriously hard cock & ball caning….which of course he got (later) followed by some extra (extreme) CBT electrics using a new procedure I have been working on.  Creative sadism…..I have mentioned it before but I’ll say it again.


I was looking for something very flexible, short and stinging and we found the exact implements. Some extra things were purchased and I insisted that he buy a new ball gag for what I was planning later.

I don’t mind the whimpering during a caning but I knew his last ball gag was chewn and worn from his previous visit …and the CBT electrics session I had planned for during the 2nd hour would raise the roof.  I insisted he wore a latex hood with a soft latex ball gag which was purchased on his credit card !


Now….I’ve put this small peephole sound byte up as a little window for all the doubting Thomases out there.

I’ve had the odd return rumour that butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, that I’m a gentle English Rose, and that surely a woman like me, in my profession, wouldn’t ever harm a fly.  To a certain extent, there is truth there…..I don’t harm insects or animals!  I’m a real non-confrontational person in the outside vanilla world, but please don’t be led astray by rumours, hearsay or gossip.

If I want to deliver the punishment and pain you deserve, then you will feel the full wrath of my female venom…..softened gently maybe by the rustle of a silk negligee and gown, maybe by the distinctive perfume I wear when sessioning, or by the medical latex / PVC uniform I might be wearing for you.  These are my working clothes, my session outfits and my mark.  After that comes whatever is needed to have you serve me and be at my feet……please don’t be swayed by the Berkshire accent or the gentle smile at the start…..when the door closes and you are with me  …I am in charge.  If you call the safe word I will stop…..


So put your cock away and stop fiddling with yourself and step into 40 seconds of a session last night where my pain slut was left with an arse as black and blue as a tartan scarf… cock and balls that resembled a bruised fat Tuscan ‘salsiccia’ and testicles that were stretched, friend and electrocuted to his utter limits.


You may be the judge but whatever you wish for…..Be Careful exactly what it is you wish for …..at all times #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor

Feel free to leave me a comment below…..show me how brave you really are, and if after listening to the above session snippet you feel you can step up to the mark…..the contact form is on the site and I’ll let you know of my availability.

I don’t have a ‘wish list’ as such but I do like to accompany clients and gentlemen to Fetters of Warwick where mutually enjoyable and real equipment can be purchased with me guiding you the client, purchaser and masochist.

Does that make sense?

Feedback and communication are important from both sides of the Sadist/masochist relationship as this helps to build trust and a basis for future sessions.

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