Ballbusting Mistress & a fast kick in the nutsack

It's more than just pain with Mistress

It might not come as a surprise to you but I do really enjoy a good ballbusting session. There is nothing quite like the adrenalin rush and feeling of real power when you let go.



Ballbusting comes in many many formats and it doesn’t always have to be served by a stockinged foot in heels, although many subs like this approach?  A beautifully clothed mistress in silk stockings, Cuban heels, suspenders and maybe a short (or long) black satin or leather skirt…..a white blouse in a school mistress role and her slave on the floor rolling in agony as her toe has just unleashed unimaginable pain to the groin and ballsack of her consenting maso sub.  

How do you feel as you roll around in agony with that throbbing pain (and if deserved) aching stomach as the pain very slowly subsides……you are still vulnerable at this point aren’t you and it’s only my own or your mistresses choosing that another stealth blow isn’t administered as you roll around in agony.  Ok….so I’ve gone to maybe one of the extreme cases here and not all ballbusting need be as harsh, brutal or sadistic as that, but it can be what so many request and yet……when truth arrives and push comes to shove….the harsh reality of the brutality may not be what you are requiring….and as always the safe word has to be the ‘last call’ – There have been those in the scene that made their name from their sheer brutality, non-stop delivery of hard successive blows to the groin and ‘ballboxes’ of hooded, brave (or stupid) slaves, eager to be filmed that maybe, just maybe….felt that they’d gone one too far when the ER visit was needed.

I’m not sure now where this blonde bombshell of a ball bruiser is operating from now but she certainly turned heads….and made waves in the world of Uk ball busting.



I’d like to make it quite clear that although I enjoy the real power ride, the adrenalin rush, the extreme kick of raw power. when I am controlling, administering and managing ballbusting sessions….safety is Paramount. Levels are respected. Hard limits are ALWAYS discussed and worked up to gradually. Ballbusting is for you the slave and sub as much as it is for me the Mistress. I can bust nuts with tools as simple as my bare hands, in silken gloves with manicured nails… does not have to be heels, boots or pumps….ball kicking is one element but busting balls can be a long drawn out, maybe hour or more session of you wincing, squirming, squealing and whimpering as I take you on a rollercoaster ride of sensations… is not about administering brutality or health-threatening blows to your crown jewels.

My clients return for more treatment each visit…..why would I want to injure your so our development of your pain levels wasn’t carefully managed and considered ??


I’ll enjoy watching you squirm and call for mercy as I look into your eyes and stretch your ‘bat skin‘ to it’s limit …’s that simple.  A two hour ballbusting session with me, some mole grips, a ball of twine and my bare hands? You’d never last the duration but you’d be calling mercy and yet enjoying every second of it.


Until the next time……be good 😉


Mistress Silk x


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