Mistress Silk - A small glimpse into her real life

 Who is Mistress Silk ?  — Join me at home on a Saturday night….wearing nothing more than a blue silk negligee and see the real me….a smiler, a life lover, a world traveller, a champagne lover

Naturally clients, subs, masos and those that meet me as ‘Mistress Silk’ are curious about who, where, what and why …..and I’d love to be able to tell you more but we’ll keep it low key in here. However, I thought I’d simply share a little more and explain that the hard, sadistic, creative and cunning Mistress is also a real person who lives a real life with a real family. I do the things we all do in life like laugh, cry, argue, get upset, feel overjoyed at some things and feel let down at others.


What happens when Im given champagne and my photographer husband gets a camera out late on a Saturday night – I love to laugh and it’s important that you see me as a real person too !




Mistress Silk loves to laugh too you know (see above) …..she doesn’t always wear black leather boots, or corsets… or open back lace dresses all the time, or even play medical games and experiment with evil CBT and caning plans on unsuspecting victims… Sorry to disappoint you gentlemen 🙁


I’m a woman just like many others,  but I do have my deep and sustained love of the fetish, the bizarre and the BDSM world – It is a very, very large part of my life….but not totally all-encompassing  – You’ve probably read my ‘about me‘ page, seen some of the images and photographs? That’s me of course and I’m delighted you are reading this far and taking the time to actually want to know more.

Outside of the dungeon, I love to travel, practice and study photography and spend time pursuing personal projects and hobbies and I simply love the outdoors and the whole outdoor thing (even getting wet) …….outdoor clothing, big boots, heavy socks, my bike which I’m spending time on even in winter to keep trim and fit. Music is hugely important to me and taking time out and doing the cinema on a Monday night.   I’m not really a designer label girl as such but I do like some nice clothes and particular perfumes and fragrances. I love silk lingerie and nightwear, hence my carefully chosen & beautiful ‘Mistress name’ ….which you adore so much 😉


So, why am I writing this little ditty blog?  For you….right now…..to appreciate that Mistress is a real person….a warm sensual and happy person with a personal life too…….but who also loves to dominate you, hold power of you, punish you if you have been naughty or bad or simply if you just enjoy and get erect and want to wank when I whip, cane or electrocute your balls. I’m  a sensual, caring and beautiful dominatrix, (right now in a blue silk negligee) but earlier today in muddy walking boots drinking hot chocolate and munching a breakfast sausage roll after a long bike ride in my local countryside.

I’m here to be adored, served, waited on and treated with respect while I, Mistress Silk administer pain and ultimate torture to you in the dungeon. This is about two sides. My power, intelligence, wit, cunning, creativity and ability to administer stealth pain to you in the dungeon but just as you will visit me and endure or enjoy a session…..you will go home and be another person won’t you? And with that thought remaining….I am a real genuine and loving person too……I just happen to get off of hurting men !


Anyway….I’m really looking forward to hearing from you where you tell me just exactly what fantasies and private secret fetishes you have that will allow me…. to help you develop as a slave, a sub or a pain-slut for me.

You’ll find I’m as approachable as anyone else you know and as broad-minded and non-judgemental as the kindest listener out there. Dont believe me? Try me….here’s the contact page


Take Care till we meet sometime soon


Mistress Silk x


PS – Do you like the blue silk negligee in the picture? Yes?……then of course you might even want to wear it –  Some things I know are rather kinky and naughty….. can you imagine yourself wearing it after I have worn it for you ? I’m happy to offer some of my own garments, perfumed in my own unique fragrance for you – Just ask 😉

It can be our secret !

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  • #Schmerzsklave 25th November 2018   Reply →

    Cooles Statement Mistress Silk…👍

    • Mistress Silk 25th November 2018   Reply →

      Thank you….it’s really nice that you took the time to read this, carefully and your feedback is appreciated

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